What work, where?

Personal effectiveness when hybrid working 

Most of us are very familiar with the office environment.  It was, until the global pandemic, the default working space.  We rapidly became used to remote working, but now hybrid is the new kid in town. 

This involves thinking differently about what work we do, and where we do it.  We are used to just dealing with what drops into the inbox or talking to whoever we happen to bump into around the long-fabled watercooler.  But if we are to be successful hybrid workers we need to think more intentionally about structuring and planning our working days and weeks.  

Working flexibly, in time or location, allows greater personalisation of work.  We can tailor it to our personal circumstances but also our internal rhythms and energies, in a way we cannot when forced into the regimented 9-5, office fits all situation.  We can link our working time and practices to our personal productivity. 

How do we make sure therefore that we can be effective and productive when we are splitting our time working in different places?

There is no single answer to this, as each situation is specific to its own context.  An element of personal reflection is required.  We’ve produced these self-coaching questions to aid reflection and planning. Feel free to reflect on some of these yourself or share them with others. 

  • What time of the day to you feel most energised? What days of the week do you feel most energised?
  • What time of the day do you feel most creative?
  • When do you feel tired or lacking in energy?  What makes you feel tired or lacking in energy?
  • When do you do your best work?
  • Where do you do your best work?
  • Where or when do you have your best ideas?
  • Who are you with when you do your best work?
  • When does your body tell you it needs to rest?  How do you know when you need to rest – what signals do you receive?
  • How often do you need to take a break? How long does a break need to be for you to feel properly rested?
  • How long can you work before your lose your focus?
  • What working practices support your wellbeing and energy?
  • Where do you waste time? Does this happen in more in one place or time than another?
  • What influences your personal productivity, positively or negatively?  How does your productivity change over the day, weak, or even the time of year?

Use these reflections to consider what are your most productive, creative or ‘peak’ hours.  What opportunities do you have to align your working hours and location with your personal productivity? What do these reflections tell you about how you should best structure your hybrid schedule?

Also think about the different aspects of your role, and the different duties and activities you undertake. 

  • What are the outputs you need to achieve and by when?
  • How do you measure your performance?  What is a productive day for you?
  • Do your productive times differ, in the office compared to at home?
  • Which of these are best done in the office or co-located with colleagues, and which are best done independently?
  • Which tasks need focus with no distractions?
  • What tasks require collaboration? 
  • Does collaboration mean in-person, or can it also mean online?
  • Which activities improve or are enhanced from being together?
  • What tasks or activities can only be done in the office environment?  What tasks can be done anywhere?
  • What work can be undertaken asynchronously (at any time, regardless of when others are working)?
  • Which tasks and activities can be completed at home or in the office more quickly?

If you have found it difficult to answer any of these reflective questions, consider keeping a reflective journal for a day or two.  Note down when you stop and start tasks and your perception of your energy and focus levels and what activities work best in which location of work.   Look out for any patterns that might emerge.

These self-reflections can help make us successful in the new, hybrid world.