People Essentials

All businesses need employment policies.  It’s about providing clear guidance about what is expected, from the company to the people that work for them.  Policies set out how issues at work will be addressed.  They make sure that everything is kept legal, fair and transparent.

Here at The Work Consultancy we believe that employment policies don’t have to be dull.  They don’t have to be long, or full of formal language.  They don’t need to be shouty, or talk to employees like they are children.

They do need to be clear, well-communicated, and tailored for each individual organisation.  They do need to have an appropriate tone of voice.  After all, policies are one of the ways that you talk to the people that work for you – especially new starters.

This is why we created People Essentials.  10 of the most important people policies that every business needs, 10 line manager guidance documents to help you use them, a communications plan for their introduction and optional training for your people in how to use them.  We will work with you to take our recommended policies and tailor them for your specific requirements.

We have written People Essentials to be legally compliant, but also straightforward, practical and friendly.

If you want to know more about People Essentials for your business, or it’s slightly more chunky friend, People Essentials Plus (even more policies, even more guidance), click contact us or email via for a chat.