What We Do

Flexible & Hybrid Working

We support businesses with developing their flexible and hybrid working strategies, including strategy development, training for people managers, creation of policy and guidance and practical implementation support.

We offer a range of practical workshops exploring every aspect of flexible, hybrid and remote work. 


We offer a wide range of wellbeing workshops covering individual and workplace wellbeing, as well as individual 1:1 wellbeing coaching for people who need focused and ongoing support with their wellbeing at work.  These are just a few of the sessions we offer; all sessions are tailored to the organisational context and specific wellbeing needs. Both workshops and coaching can be delivered online or face to face.

Workshops include:

  • Work Life Balance: This session helps delegates to understand what is meant by work life balance, identify signs of potential work life balance issues and how work life balance can be improved.  The workshop includes space for reflection on current work life balance and planning for improvement. 
  • Wellbeing for people managers: A workshop suitable for an audience of people managers at any level, including a mix of theory and practical ideas about supporting wellbeing at work.
  • Wellbeing for remote teams: For people managers, a practical session on the wellbeing implications of remote working and how to support wellbeing when working separately.
  • Wellbeing for conferences and events: Engaging and inspirational conference presentations to encourage and motivate people to think about their wellbeing in general as well as in the workplace.
  • Self-care: An overview of self-care, and practical tips for assessing and improving wellness. 


We help organisations to develop, design and launch people policies, employee handbooks and all the documentation required to ensure people practices are legally compliant and reflect good practice. This can include communicating and training people managers on the implementation of policies.  

We also have our own HR policies and procedures suite, People Essentials. Click here if you want more information about our ready-to-go templates that you can adapt for your own needs. 

Coaching & Mediation

We offer coaching and mediation services. In particular, we specialise in:

  • Wellbeing coaching – including supporting people returning to work following sickness absence or ill-health
  • Leadership coaching
  • Supporting people returning to work from family leave