Empowering employees through family leave coaching

Becoming a parent, and taking associated leave from work, can be a challenging time for some employees – both personal and professionally. Whether they are becoming a parent for the same time or not, employees have to navigate a range of emotions and practical challenges as they go through this major life transition.  Family leave coaching can help employees by providing a supportive environment and helping them to navigate these transitions effectively.

What is family leave coaching?

Family leave coaching is 121 coaching provided to employees who are taking or returning from family leave, typically including maternity leave, adoption leave or shared parental leave.   It focuses on supporting employees through the transition at each stage of the journey, helping them to navigate shifts in identity and the practical aspects of leave and return.  

Benefits of family leave coaching

Investing in coaching for employees going on or returning from family leave can result in a range of benefits for both the individual and the organisation.  

Coaching helps employees to create a plan that suits their individual needs and circumstances. This may include setting realistic goals, managing workload expectations, and establishing boundaries for a healthy work life balance.  Family leave coaching can in particular help employees integrate their personal and professional lives effectively, reducing stress and helping to ensure that they can thrive at work and at home.  

Family leave coaching can also provide a safe space for employees to express their feelings and concerns about balancing work and family responsibilities. It allows them to address any anxieties or challenges they may be facing and develop coping strategies.

Coaching can help to build employee’s confidence around taking and returning from leave – and can be a vital support mechanism – and can help organisations retain valued employees. 

How does it work?

Family leave coaching can vary depending on the needs of the employee, but typically involves one or two sessions before leave begins, one or two sessions during the leave period  and one or two sessions after return.

Pre-leave sessions tend to focus on preparing and planning and managing any anxieties or concerns that arise during this phase.  Sessions that take place during family leave can happen at any time, but are often scheduled as the employee is beginning think about returning to the workplace.  Sessions can be held online or in-person – and baby is fine to come along if necessary!  Post return sessions take place in the weeks and months after returning to work and tend to focus on planning for the future and managing work and changes to life in the employee’s new normal.  

Sessions are always tailored to the employee’s own journey and goals and may involve manager input where this is helpful to the employee.  

Coaching provides employees with the tools, resources, and support they need to navigate major life transitions successfully, benefiting both the employee and the organisation as a whole. By investing in coaching, companies can empower their employees to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.  If you want to find out more about family leave or transition coaching, get in touch via info@theworkconsultancy.com