Finding the balance

What is work life balance?  Just like ‘wellbeing’ it is an imprecise term that means different things to different people.  It’s a phrase that not everyone likes, as it brings with it the implication that work and life are two separate elements rather than interconnected aspects of who we are.  Here at the Work Consultancy we work on the basis that everything is connected.  Work life balance, and indeed wellbeing, is about our whole self, and that is how we approach all of our coaching and training.  

One way to thinking about work life balance is the idea of finding an equilibrium between our work and our home lives, one that works for us and our own particular contexts and circumstances. 

Work life balance is hard to define…. but we know it when we see it and when we feel it.

Maintaining a balance between competing aspects of our lives isn’t always easy.  There are times when the stuff will pile up and this impacts upon our resilience levels.  In our connected world with technology in our pockets, the lines between work and home are ever blurred, and there will be times too, where our work and our home lives are in direct conflict. 

There is much that can influence our own individual sense of balance.  Long working hours, technology, domestic labour, family pressures, ill-health, financial worries, commuting – and there is no one solution to the challenge of finding balance.  One size only fits one.  We each have to define work life balance for ourselves and understand how best we can achieve it. 

What does work life balance mean to you?

How in balance do you feel right now? 

What can you do to improve it? 

We deliver a range of workshops on wellbeing, including a workshop on understanding and achieving work life balance as well as 121 wellbeing coaching.  If you’d like to discuss your needs, get in touch!