Do you need some help with how to use social media, either for you or your organisation?

We often find that people and organisations think they need to be using social media but aren’t too sure how to do it, lack the practical skills, or need some help with how to focus their efforts in order to get results. If this sounds like you, we can help! For example, here’s the outline of a one-day session we run for small businesses:

Adobe PDF image
Intro to Social Media – 1 day outline

Our social media services include:

  • Developing practical skills, including how to identify and use the platforms that are right for you and your business
  • Identifying a social media plan that can help you build your online brand
  • Tips and techniques on how to get the best from social media and empower you to manage it for yourself
  • Managing the risks of social media, including support in developing policies and guidelines
  • How to get your leaders and organisation using social media, including workshops and training for your employees
  • Help in creating content for your organisation

If this sounds like something you need for you or your organisation – then get in touch!